Speakers and Topics

March 24

Time Topic/Speaker Location
9:00am General Session- (RCCS worship team)

“Reverse-Engineering Relationships–  Todd Pope

How much better would the relationships in our lives be, if we started with the end in mind. What would you like the relationships in your life to look like in the end? How do you get them there?



Helping the Porn-Addicted Teen– Dr. Scott Lownsdale

The easy accessibility of Internet porn has led to the formation of porn addiction at younger ages than ever before.  This presentation will offer a Christian counselor’s perspective on how to identify this serious problem and respond effectively.

Room 108
Conflict Resolution – A Different WayJessica Robl

Conflict is all around us, and it’s costly.  It wears on us.  There is a better way to handle conflict, and God has revealed it to us in His Word.  These biblical principles of resolving conflict can bring us new peace and hope!

Room 102
How to live out a Christian Worldview with your family – Ray Jewell

This seminar will address the question of worldview by looking at what that means and why it is important for a family to follow it consistently. We will look at some of the more popular films from a Christian lens and find out how to address other worldviews that your children face.

Room 104
Community Resources/Recursos en la Comunidad– Bob Cerniglia (English/Spanish)

Learn about resources that are available to families in the community for education, jobs, health, housing and more!

Following Jesus into College- Casey Ehlers

This seminar is aimed at high-school students (and parents of high-schoolers) who are beginning the transition into college. What does following Jesus in college look like? What are some practical steps one can take in order to thrive spiritually? What are some pitfalls and temptations one should avoid?

Room 101
Reap What you Sow (Family & Finances)- Florence Haley
It’s about more than planting, it’s about planning.  This session will give you practical steps to a secure financial harvest, and plan your finances on purpose.
Room 103
Time Topic/Speaker Location


Cultural Diversity In the Home – The Blended Family (Doug Shaw)
Marriage means compromise and sometimes that is more difficult than you think. This session will cover some of the various cultural differences that can occur and how a couple can turn those differences into strengths.
SINGLE BUT NOT ALONE | Parenting in CommunityLizzie Lindberg
As the only parent in a space that seems full of two-parent households, it’s tempting to let feelings of loneliness become the main focus and to sink into isolation. Join me as I share what I’ve been learning as a single mom through participating in and serving with my community.
Room 102
Helping Your Depressed TeenDr. Scott Lownsdale

Last year witnessed an alarming rise in depression and suicides among American youth.  Learn from a Christian counselor how to be a good first responder and mentor for depressed and suicidal youth.   

Room 108
Raising Teens: Taking Control– Marc & Denise Grindle
It is natural for parents to want to “control” their kids. What happens when we feel out of control or try to control that which we do not have control? Join us in discovering what control is and isn’t and what we can and can’t and should and shouldn’t control.
Room 101
Panel discussion for teensKevin Thompson
Join us for a lively discussion fueled by questions submitted by teenagers about all aspects of life and faith.  A panel of local pastors and youth leaders will be fielding these questions in a way that is both knowledgeable and relatable.  
Room 103
Families Facing Tragic Losses  -Laura Diehl (translated to Spanish)

As a bereaved parent, Laura, will minister hope and give practical encouragement to families who have faced deep tragedy and loss. This will also be helpful for those who want to know how to effectively minister to these shattered families.

Room 104


General Session- (RCCS worship team)   Giveaways handed out at the conclusion of the morning

Living Directional in a Reactional World- Todd Pope

Intention is not enough. We must MOVE in a direction to get to the destination that we want to be at. Direction with intention determines our destination.



Ages  0-3 Room 106  /  Ages 4-6 Room 107  /   Ages 7-12 New Gym

Lessons will be given to all children ages 4-12; snacks provided


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